Help Fund the DPNHS Scholarship Program

Every year, the Dundalk Patapsco Neck Historical Society offers a $500.00 scholarship, rotating the offer between Sparrows Point, Patapsco, and Dundalk High Schools.
This years’ rotation will take us to Patapsco High School.  Each year we dip into our coffers
(general fund money) to cover the expense. This year, we thought we’d offer our membership and the general public the opportunity to participate in this most worthy venture. 
The first priority of the DPNHS in awarding the scholarship is that the student pursue academics in the field of history.  If there is no student pursuing a history major, then the guidance office may select an alternate awardee. The DPNHS has had several history majors win our scholarship in the past… going on to become high school history teachers.
If you are so inclined, please send your donation with the memo ‘Scholarship Fund’ noted on the check.  The amount can be anything of your choosing. In the event that we do not raise $500.00, the Historical Society will add the difference. We would love to raise $1000 (and we could consider a 2nd $500.00 scholarship this spring  - Sparrows Point High School would be next on our list). 
All money for scholarships would be earmarked for that purpose.  Signed ‘From the MEMBERS of the DPNHS’.
Thanks for your consideration.

 Heritage Textile Exhibit

Currently on display at the Museum is a collection of heritage textiles, from the mid 1850s to the mid 1950s. A wedding dress from the Waskey family. A christening dress from the Gorsuch family.
Legacy tablecloth and napkins from the Todd family. Baby shoes, ladies corset, mourning cape and hat, an assortment of handbags, gloves, handkerchiefs, and more.  

Heritage Fair & Parade

July 3 - 5

Celebrate America with us in one of the most famous events in the community. The Heritage Fair is known for its concerts, pig races, carnival rides, games and food. This year you don't want to miss! Also, on 4th of July morning you can see us and many others in the annual parade!

The Dundalk-Patapsco Neck Historical Society and Museum, Inc. is in no way affiliated Dundalk TV.

Note: As a non-profit 501c3 organization, the DPNHS is not permitted to

engage in political activities nor endorse any political candidates.

The Historical Society’s main purpose is to record our community’s history.  But there’s one concern that is really troubling.  Our membership enrollment.  Membership enrollments are way down, at less than 250.   This year the number will surely be lower.  We need your support NOW more than ever.  Please encourage your friends, neighbors, kids to become members.  Consider sending in a membership for your kids or nieces/nephews.  As more people become aware of our community contributions, perhaps renewals will rise

organizations, churches and individuals made the whole evening work.

Dundalk-Patapsco Neck Historical Society Needs Members

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Dundalk's Past...  Informing Its Future.