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Dundalk-Patapsco Neck Historical Society Needs Members

The Historical Society’s main purpose is to record our community’s history.  But there’s one concern that is really troubling.  Our membership enrollment.  Membership enrollments are way down, at less than 250.   This year the number will surely be lower.  We need your support NOW more than ever.  Please encourage your friends, neighbors, kids to become members.  Consider sending in a membership for your kids or nieces/nephews.  As more people become aware of our community contributions, perhaps renewals will rise

organizations, churches and individuals made the whole evening work.


Note: As a non-profit 501c3 organization, the DPNHS is not permitted to

engage in political activities nor endorse any political candidates.

The Dundalk-Patapsco Neck Historical Society and Museum, Inc. is in no way affiliated Dundalk TV.

Dundalk Historical Society held yet another successful train garden display during the recent holiday season.

Train Garden

The Historical Society held a ‘ Members Only’ Grand Opening of the Christmas Train Garden:About 35+ members attended and were served a variety of refreshments,  but the train garden, itself, was the main attraction.  It’s always nice to see some of the members who we don’t run into on a regular basis.  As the lights were dimmed, that’s when the true beauty and elegance of the garden really shows. We were quite pleased with the evening and the turnout.  A very special thanks to Michael Andy and his helpers.  Without them, this event wouldn’t exist.   

Annual Christmas Parade and Cookie Tour

The weather did not cooperate and the Christmas parade was cancelled, although the Historical Society was ready with an entirely new ensemble to present to Dundalk.  Wait until next  year to see what was planned.  However, the Cookie Tour was on as scheduled and it took two days to give out all of the cookies.  The Society had nine volunteers bake nearly 1000 cookies. The cookies were sealed in bags… and the bags given out to all the kids who came in to see the Christmas Garden.  Thank you letters were sent out expressing our gratitude. Without our bakers, this event wouldn’t exist. 

Luminary Night

2014 was the 7th year for Luminary Night, but the 2nd year for the expansion beyond Historical Society’s building.  Once again multiple businesses,

organizations, churches and individuals made the whole evening work.  A chorus of volunteers (some from The Sky’s the limit), sang Christmas Carols outside the building.  Accompanying the singers was Dr. Jay Walton, who played beautifully on his keyboard in very chilly temperatures).  Altogether, there were nearly 1000 luminaries lit in Dundalk.  Most were in our core area… but there was expansion with the inclusion of 2 churches on Merritt Blvd.   Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped to make this a proud moment in Dundalk.