Jimmy Doolitle won the Schneider Cup Race for the U.S. Team, which was held off of Bay Shore Park. October 1925

Howard Hughes 1930's

Richard Nixon Oct 3, 1952

Guy Fieri, TV Show Host of

Dinners Drive-Ins and Dives

Robert E. Lee 1849-1852

John Quincy Adams Oct 15, 1827

John F. Kennedy Jr. (son of John F. Kennedy), Bennetta Stabb, Bob Stabb and Kerri Kennedy (daughter of Robert Kennedy) at a political Rally in 1982 at Battle Grove Democratic Club.              Background photo of Mayor Donald Schaeffer, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, & Dennis Rasmussen, Baltimore County Executive.

John F. Kennedy Jr. & Kerri Kennedy 1982

An old battered snapshot taken when Amelia Earhart visited Logan Field Airport in the 1920's.

John Quincy Adams visited the North Point Battleground and other war of 1812 Monuments.  He coined the phrase "Monumental City"

Richard Nixon in Veteran's Park when he was a candidate for Vice President.

Robert E. Lee, while in the Army Corps of Engineers, supervised the build of Fort Carroll of Sollers Point Flats

Dizzy Gillespie, October 1976

Tyrone Power & His Wife Annabell, 1930's

Alan Ameche & Johnny Unitas, Colt Football Stars, were at Ameche's Carryout Restaurant (now KFC) on Wise Avenue in Dundalk on June 9, 1960.



On September 12, 2016 Donald Trump was campaigning as the Republican Presidential Nominee.  He stopped in at the Boulevard Diner located on the corner of Merritt Boulevard and Holabird Avenue and had lunch.  Today the corner booth that Donald Trump sat in has the Presidential Seal above it.

Alan Ameche & Johnny Unitas June 9, 1960

On November 15, 2011 the Boulevard Diner, located on the corner of Merritt Boulevard and Holabird Avenue was visited by Guy Fieri from the TV Show Diners Drive-Ins & Dives and it aired on January 30, 2012.  Marc Tsakiris (General Manager) had a picture taken with Guy Fieri on the (left).  Below is Guy Fieri spray painting the wall in the Diner.

Amelia Earhart 1920's

Donald Trump 2016

I subsequently learned that Dizzy Gillespie was famous all over the world - as one of the greatest Jazz trumpeters of the 20th Century. 

In 1953, somebody fell on his trumpet during a party and badly bent the instrument.  Gillespie found he liked it better that way, and had the 45 degree angle of the horn made permanent.  He said it was easier to play while sight reading, and allowed him to hear the notes he was playing sooner.

He was nicknamed "Dizzy" because of this zany on-stage antics.  His real name was John Birks Gillespie. He died in January 6, 1993, of Pancreatic Cancer.

Written By: Charles H. Echols, Former Historical Society Photographer ​​

Tyrone Power & his Wife Annabell Arriving at Logan Field Airport.  Sometime in the 1930's.

Jimmy Doolittle, October 1928

(Famous Later for his raid over Tokyo during WWII)

4 Center Place, Dundalk, MD 21222       410.284.2331

Howard Hughes docked his yacht in Colgate Creek & had his Piper Cub (plane) at Logan Field Airport.  He would fly to New York on Business.  He was frequently seen at the Riverview Inn, which became Airport Grill located at 6500 Riverview Avenue.  Howard Hughes was a Billionaire who was born on December 24, 1905 and died April 5, 1976.

In October of 1976, the Dundalk Eagle asked me to take a photo of Dizzy Gillespie, who was performing at the Dundalk Concert held in the Dundalk Middle School.  I was not a follower of jazz music and barely knew of Mr. Gillespie.

When I arrived I saw Mr. Gillespie sitting alone in a classroom chair.  I introduce myself and asked permission to take his picture.  He nodded and mumbled something about his "birthday".  I asked him what he meant, and when was his birthday.  He answered "in October".  I asked "What day?" He replied, "The 21st".  I then asked, almost anticipating his answer, "What year". and he said "1917".  I placed my camera on the chair - held out my hand - and announced "Mr. Gillespie, shank hands, we were both born on the same day".  We immediately became friends, and when I asked him to pose, blowing that funny looking horn - he did so - and I was lucky enough to get this shot. (I learned later that Mr. Kimble Oelke, owner of the Dundalk Eagle was also born on that day).