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Beachwood and Lynnhurst were peripheral to much of local history, producing tobacco and other crops for generations, while watermen patrolled the Back and Middle Rivers for seafood bound for Baltimore.

But in 1916 things began to change with the creation of Bethlehem Steel and the development of North Point Blvd. in the decades that followed. The strip of land between the new thoroughfare and the river developed as a shore community, while that same shoreline and the rail lines serving Bethlehem Steel were attractive to companies like Vulcan Hart, Baltimore Yeast, trucking firms and others, which soon set up shop.

The non-residential portion was designated for less-than-desirable projects, such as Norris Landfill, long ago closed. Baltimore County built its waste treatment plant on the northern outskirts of the area near Eastpoint, but a wildlife preserve buffers the site, where animals and plants abound.

Beachwood was conceived in the 1980s, but had dubious origins that had several false starts.. But the development broke ground in the 1990s and hundreds of quality homes were constructed.

Since that time, Beachwood Estates has been one of the most desirable housing options anywhere on the Patapsco Neck.



Beachwood / Lynnhurst