Dundalk Farms

Dundalk Farms, located on 60 acres of farm land known as Kimball Mountain, was planned in 1932 by the newly organized Maryland Properties, which promoted the subdivided plots in terms that resonated with depression-era terms and logic

“The soil is sandy loam and good for truck gardening. An acre of ground will raise food for a family. There is independence and thrift in its cultivation. All history proves that good land “bought right” in times of depression is the best investment for security and gain.

“Only large and powerful corporations like the Bethlehem Steel Company could and did pay comparatively low prices for Dundalk acreage and when we tell you that you can buy an acre or two for about one-half the price per acre paid by these corporations”

The strategy worked and Dundalk Farms developed quickly into a desirable community where even today potential homeowners look to settle. Much of what was true in 1932 remains accurate today. The neighborhood: lies midway between Sparrows Point and Baltimore, convenient to all industries in the southeastern industrial section. Dundalk Farms has the advantage of the many millions of dollars spent in nearby construction, including churches, homes, and modern schools.

The Dundalk Farms Improvement Association, started in 1954, was instrumental in making the neighborhood of about 140 homes even more attractive through its involvement in local projects.

Dundalk Community College, on property adjacent to Dundalk Farms, broke ground in the fall of 1971. During that first semester, 70 full-time and 332 part-time students – some recruited in a summertime door-to-door campaign - attended classes at Dundalk United Methodist Church, local high schools, middle schools and the YMCA.  Now part of the Community College of Baltimore County with locations Essex and Catonsville, CCBC is a hub of educational, sports and social activities that adds to the value of the area.

The newly constructed Dundalk High School on Delvale Avenue replaces the school’s aging structure, and is a magnet school attracting quality students from throughout Baltimore County.

The 1932 campaign still rings true: “Dundalk Farms says - I am safe and sound and I will grow in value. I am Opportunity.”

4 Center Place, Dundalk, MD 21222       410.284.2331