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Like many of its resources, Northshire shares a similar history with neighboring Gray Manor. Like most of Dundalk the community was farmland that eventually became part of the favored route between the North Point Peninsula and Baltimore, as the area saw travelers and commerce came and went between the two points.  British troops made their way up the route during the 1814 Battle of North Point in their failed attempt to invade Baltimore, and both Redcoats and American defenders paused at Bread and Cheese Creek to rest.

The construction of the houses at Northshire was a natural progression. The development arose as part of it strategic location near Merritt Blvd and Eastern Blvd., and later the extended Baltimore Beltway, and the need for residential housing for workers at Bethlehem Steel, General Motors and Western Electric.

Although the major industries disappeared, homeowners have remained and made their
community better as the years passed. Area public schools provide quality education and residents maintain the integrity of their neighborhood like few in Baltimore County.

The future of Northshire is as optimistic as its many residents.