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As in most of Dundalk’s neighborhoods, Harborview started as farmland that converted with the advent of industry and the need for suitable housing. The area’s colonial history is based more in What Ifs than in actual activity. 
If the British had not been defeated farther down the North Point Peninsula, Redcoats would have used the heights of German Hill to their advantage in further attack on Baltimore City.

Like nearby Norwood, Harborview is home to numerous historic cemeteries chosen for the scenic views offered along German Hill Road and Eastern Avenue. Oak Lawn, Holy Cross Polish National, Holy Rosary, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and St. Andrews cemeteries all dot the landscape and provide wide spaces.

The neighborhood’s real roots come in part from the natural thoroughfare on its edges – Eastern and Dundalk Avenues, connecting most of eastern Baltimore County to the city. Industry like Martin Marietta, Bethlehem Steel, Western Electric and other major employers added a need for more housing. The small neighborhood grew with the development of commerce surrounding it, and remains a stable and attractive area to this day. 

The prosperity led to the need for more housing, and gave prospective homeowners the incomes to settle in the area. Norwood and Graceland Park grew accordingly with both brick row homes and single dwellings located on the tree-lined streets of the new neighborhoods.

Longtime homeowners participate in rec council, school and church activities. Large ball fields hosting a wide variety of sports programs are nearby and residents are just minutes away from shopping and entertainment.