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Watersedge was little more than farmland on the outskirts of Logan Airfield until World War II emphasized the importance of the steel industry. Bethlehem Steel Company already had taken over the nearby Sparrows Point steel plant in 1917, when the steel company created the Dundalk Company to provide needed housing for new workers in this rural area. 

With the continued growth of Bethlehem Steel came the need for more workers, and more housing. By 1943, Stackhouse Realty built the first homes Louth, Meath and Fairgreen Roads, and by 1947 homes were being sold for about $6,000 – two bedrooms, living room, hall, bath, kitchenette and dinette – and a homeowners association had started.

While the development was first promoted as Royal Homes, the structures became familiar
as the Concrete Homes, in consideration of the poured concrete foundation and walls. While less glamorous, the name spoke well of the sturdiness of the homes that remain today, improved with additions and other features by their caring owners.

Along the way, Watersedge has continued to improve, with boat ramps, parks, playgrounds, and most recently with the 2009 construction of the Watersedge Rec Center. Community members take pride in their neighborhood with events like Project Clean Stream to keep area waterways vibrant.